The Cayman Islands Tourism department emails flood my inbox – usually notifying me of some new regulation for keeping my vacation rental homes (No Big Ting and Coral Loft) up to their very strict codes (do check that your rental is licensed so that you aren’t disappointed); but today I got a lovely surprise – the launching of their new quarterly e-magazine called Soul Magazine.  The first edition provided some basic information about the Cayman Islands including the history and some symbols – our coat of arms, the wild banana orchid, the Cayman parrot and the silver thatch palm. There are also brief articles on this year’s Pirates Week (which, for reasons known only to the founder, lasts for 10 days), Pedro St. James, Seven Fathoms rum (a favourite of many of our guests who seem to return only for the rum – yes, I’m talking about you, Andrew) and a calendar of upcoming events.  Have a peek!

Oh, and the title of today’s post? That’s Caymanian for “whose your family” (I’ve heard older Caymanians ask “who you belongs ta”?).  The person wants to know where you come from – who are your parents, siblings, grandparents? At the last census in 2010, 135 countries were represented in the Cayman Islands so it’s a natural curiosity.

For more Caymanian sayings, turn to The Cayman Islands Dictionary by Kevin Goring (available in most book stores on island).  My favourite word is “bobo” – meaning “buddy” – but it came to be VERY well-known when there was a botched robbery (very rare in Cayman – the robbery, not the botched – they are almost always botched) of a liquor store.  One of the would be robbers ran out and ran into a local – the robber stuck a gun into the local’s face and demanded his gold necklace; the local (witnessed by dozens) grabbed him and threw him down and said “nah today bobo”!  fortunately, the police were nearby (the gun was not loaded) and the crooks were apprehended!  The result – t-shirts proudly worn by many residents stating “nah today bobo”!

The most recent Soul Magazine edition can be found here. Stay in touch so you can sound like a local, eat like a local and play like a local!