Our Contractor
This is our contractor, Construction Development Associates
Window and Door Supplier
Caribbean Impact supplied our doors and windows - hurricane rated for optimum protection
The Renovation Begins
This skip has arrived and the demolition begins
The supplier of our high-tech air conditioning system allowing each room to have its own controls
The Crew
Lunch! Andreas makes stew fish today
New Rain Gutters
The new front takes shape
The Supplies Have Arrived
The sea container with all of the windows, doors, tiles, cabinets and furniture arrived from Miami
The Door
We finally have a door after two months of open air
Colin Steps In
It can't be good when Colin takes over...
Nicholas - get back in the attic - there are HUNDREDS more lights!
David, carpenter king
George and Barry Finish Off the Kitchen
The range hood is FINALLY installed
Leroy puts together the bedroom dresser
We had not planned to put dressers in but the Department of Tourism requires it
Spotty Shows the Pass
And it's all worth it - Spotty (the fire dog - he's a dalmation) shows off the pass from the Cayman Islands fire department