View from the ocean
Storm coming
Formidable clouds but still beautiful
The palm trees show the ocean breezes
The view of the ocean from the back deck
Sea View of No Big Ting
sea view from No Big Ting deck; photo by marc
Beautiful Beach View
A view of No Big Ting from the beach
Best Beach View
I love the clouds in this photo - no alterations made
Is the water clear enough
The water is crystal clear
Evening Falling
A different type of sunset but just as wonderful
Sun setting over the water
The sun has one last burst of energy before fading away
Sunset at No Big Ting
I can't get enough of this view
A viewof the beach as evening falls
Evening falling
Dark clouds
August is when we can get the big rains; photo by marc
Night view of the back of No Big Ting
night view of the porch; photo by marc
Do you see the fishing boat?
View between the palm trees in the back of No Big Ting; photo by marc
And more waves.jpg
waves rolling in; photo by marc
View from the water.jpg
view of No Big Ting from the water; photo by marc
Snorkeling off the beach.jpg
snorkeling off the beach; photo by marc
View sitting on the deck.jpg
view from the deck; photo by marc