Val Kegel

Val Kegel

Visitors to the Cayman Islands flying on Delta Airlines have an advantage over those flying on other airlines – flight attendant Val Kegel!  And what’s so cool about Val?

 I was at our home, No Big Ting, checking to make sure everything was in order for our newest guests and I picked up a sheet I hadn’t seen before in my stack of magazines and other information for our visitors on what to do and what to see in the Cayman Islands. Oh my goodness! Val has a Fun Fact Sheet that she distributes to every visitor on her flights to Grand Cayman.

 Val has been flying for 40 years and she decided to put her “last years” (her words, not mine) to use by providing information that she receives from visitors to Grand Cayman.  She has strict rules :) – she needs seven unsolicited recommendations from passengers before a business or site is put on her sheet and three negative reviews will get that business taken off the sheet (she says that a business can redeem itself by turning things around and getting another seven recommendations).

 So what does she have to say? I had a look at her lists to see what I thought and they are very interesting and diverse!  She suggests matching going into George Town with cruise ship days so you can pick a quieter day to go shopping, she mentions some businesses that will give you a break on fees (note to No Big Ting and Coral Loft guests – our car rental agencies give better rates than those mentioned in Val’s sheet) and she gives all sorts of valuable information about shopping, dining, attractions, diving/snorkeling and fishing. I really like her “Best Breakfast”, “Best Brunch” and “Best Lunch” lists and she has loads of information that most visitors won’t ever get until they’ve been to Grand Cayman several times!  While I don’t agree with some of her picks (but enthusiastically endorse many), that’s even better as it means visitors to my homes don’t get my biases!

 I found her website a little loaded down with advertisements but don’t let that stop you from going to the site and getting her Fun Fact Sheet – it’s a gem!  There is also much more information on many of the places she just mentions in the Fun Fact Sheet. The Cayman Islands Tourism Association has also made her an honourary ambassador and they were right to do so!  Since many of you don’t/can’t fly on Val’s flights, I thought it only right to let you see what she has so thoughtfully provided (she updates her lists twice a month). Thanks Val!

P.S.    Many of the businesses on Val’s Fun Fact Sheet will give you a discount if you show them the Fun Fact Sheet so take a peak – discounts are always a good thing!