No Big Ting was first built in 1969 – it fully embraced its catch-phrase “the not-so-little, not-so-big private beach villa” and was home to the same family for 43 years.  Originally, from Connecticut, the family vacationed often at No Big Ting and, when they were not there, they rented it out to vacationers.

Nestled in the palms and sea grapes, the original beach villa was a two bedroom, two bathroom cottage with front and back screened porches to capture the fresh sea breezes (in the days before air conditioning became common).  A small boat room was on the end of the cottage, acting as a storage facility before the two car garage was built.

Damaged in 2004 by Hurricane Ivan, the cottage was rebuilt using essentially the same basis as the original plans.  By this time, central air conditioning had been installed and, later, the cisterns were replaced with “city” water (although the outside shower will still use the rain water collected in the cisterns).

We have tried to keep the same feel of No Big Ting as the former owners envisioned it but have made some changes – adding a third bedroom, a new kitchen area, a powder room and a new master bathroom.  The new windows and doors are all hurricane-rated for safety (and better insulation), the walls have fresh coats of paint and the ceramic floor and bathroom tiles have all been replaced.  The new kitchen has stainless steel appliances and quartz countertops and all the bathrooms have been totally renovated. A new “high-tech” air conditioning system saves energy and permits the air conditioning to be separately controlled in each bedroom and in the common areas.  All of the fans and lighting have been replaced.

We have also included some of the older functions of No Big Ting.  We are now using the rain water (captured in three cisterns) to irrigate the plants and for use in the outside freshwater shower.  We have also kept the functionality of the prevailing sea breezes to allow No Big Ting to be cooled with the breezes instead of the air conditioning.  If you prefer to open the four sets of patio doors, the air conditioning will automatically shut off to protect the system – your choice.

Finally, we have  upgraded the landscaping to allow for some additional colour – periwinkles, frangipani and coffee roses (all cuttings from our other home on Grand Cayman.