Bread and Chocolate RestaurantI’m a meat eater – there, I’ve said it.  I naturally tend to stay away, then, from restaurants that advertise themselves as vegan or vegetarian and, to its credit, this place seems to understand that.  The tag line for Bread & Chocolate is: modern, responsible, delicious.  Have they got it right!

 I first heard about this restaurant just after it opened in early 2013.  In the middle of George Town, capital of the Cayman Islands, it had taken over a spot that had previously held another long time restaurant that served “local” food.  So, even though the restaurant itself doesn’t advertise itself as vegan, everyone refers to it as “you know, that vegan restaurant” across from the court house”.  A friend, though, challenged me to go over after I complained that I was tired of the usual lunch fare in town.  She said that I wouldn’t even know that it was a vegetarian restaurant. Well, she was right (but don’t tell her that – she will be crowing about it for days)!

 I went in to this tiny jewel of a spot and was immediately struck by the delicious desserts laid out in a cooler that was crying out for me to pick something – anything!  The chalk board on the wall listed the specials of the day and the staff were cheerful and welcoming.

 Bread & Chocolate serves breakfast and lunch and did I mention the desserts?  It also has a decent selection of organic coffees and teas, fresh juices and fruit.  The breakfast menu has its justly famous Bread and Chocolate (French toast stuffed with chocolate hazelnut butter and bananas, dipped in coconut and tahini batter and topped with fresh fruit)! Oh. My. Goodness! There’s also regular French toast, waffles, pancakes and the “usuals” – a breakfast scramble (with a twist), biscuits and gravy, breakfast tacos and fruit.  You can also add coconut ice cream and/or pure maple syrup to any breakfast!  I have to stop writing and go over there right now…

Okay, back to business. Lunch is a variety of salads, soups, “lunch plates” (shepherd’s pie is a staple) and a range of sandwiches. My favourite is the portobello sandwich and there’s even a spin on the BLT (made with tempeh bacon).  The staff uses whatever is in season and everything is prepared without the use of animal ingredients. They are quite rightly getting a following – and not just because of their vegetarian fare.  Our office had a “taste off” one day: chocolate chip cookies – one from a long-established coffee shop and the other from Bread & Chocolate. You know who won…just saying…so the moral of the story is that you don’t have to sacrifice deliciousness to be responsible.  Go there! You’ll be glad you did! Really!

Hours: Mon – Fri 8-4, Sat 10-3

 Phone: 1 345 946-6239

 Address: corner of Dr. Roys Drive and Edward St. (or, you know, across from the courthouse near the bus park)