One of the best things about renting out our homes (No Big Ting and Coral Loft) is hearing from our guests about what they liked (and even what they didn’t – it makes us be better hosts). Last week, one of the extended families who visited took the time to give us a “Best Of” List and I thought I’d share it:

Best off-beach snorkel – Cemetery Beach or right here (at No Big Ting – thanks!)

Best restaurant – Rackam’s (George Town); Over the Edge (close 2nd)

Best bike ride – Starfish Point (from No Big Ting – about 2 miles)

Best sunrise – here (No Big Ting)

Best excursion – Bioluminescence Tour with Mike

Best scuba dive – the Playing Field, diving with Ocean Frontiers

Best “little kid” beach – Starfish Point (ask anyone where to find it – near Kaibo)

Best drink – rare rum mojito at Kaibo.

So then I thought I’d have a look back at the guest book comments this past year to see what others thought…here’s what they said (in no particular order):

Star watching (get the iPad Night Sky app here)

Where available, I’ve tried to give you a link.  I’ve also added in a couple of YouTube videos for your enjoyment.

Gotta give a shout out, though, to one of our guests, Andrew.  He’ll be down again shortly for his third trip and he has made several referrals (which have been rewarded with quantities of Seven Fathoms Rum – just so you know we don’t take his business lightly).  Andrew made the mistake of putting in some wonderful drawings on his first visit and Colin was delighted.  After their last visit, he couldn’t wait to get back to No Big Ting to see Andrew’s new renderings. He was SO disappointed that he actually asked Andrew where they were.  Andrew responded by sending Colin his very own drawings – and I’ve added them here for your enjoyment.

What Andrew Learned on His Vacation in Grand Cayman

What Andrew Learned on His Vacation in Grand Cayman

Love, love this!  If any of you have any suggestions for our guests, please let me know – we want our guests to get the most out of their vacation!

And for those of you on your way to visiting us, have a look over and see if you can find something you like!