Beach Bubbles soap Let’s be clear – very few goods and souvenirs are actually made in the Cayman Islands.  We are a very small country (less than 55,000 people spread over 3 islands and 100 square miles) with little in the way of natural resources; therefore, many of the goods you will find are shipped in from other countries. There are some exceptions – and Beach Bubbles in Bodden Town is a terrific place to find some Cayman made items!

 I had been meaning to stop in for years but always seemed to be in a hurry whenever I went by the shop (it’s in a tiny strip mall across from the Bling Bling Salon and a block away from the Turtle Nest Inn). What was I thinking? I finally managed to drop by recently and was overwhelmed by the items in the store – and in a good way!  When you walk in, the smells are so delightful and Nina Squires is super friendly and loves to chat about how she makes all of her soaps and her lotions.

 Now – about the soaps (the base is goats milk) and lotions – Nina makes them all herself right at her shop and they are creamy and gorgeous on your skin.   Mango, Cayman sea breezes, coconut (my favourite), simply citrus (okay, maybe this is my favourite), key lime, lavender – all smell just like their names (I had to force myself not to bite into the mango).  And wow! do the lotions feel wonderful – not greasy at all.  She even has a line for men.Mango soap

 People have also been raving about her neem soaps and lotions (I haven’t tried them yet) – said to relieve mosquito and sand flea bites (and protect from them), and help with eczema and psoriasis. According to Nina, this plant is known as the village pharmacy in India. She also stocks moringa leaf powder (to make into tea), telling me that moringa is the most nutrient rich plant discovered to date.  You will find pages of 5-star reviews and thank-yous from people about all of these products on TripAdvisor.

Her products are all reasonably priced and, if you don’t want to indulge in a full bar of soap (c’mon, it’s only CI$5.00 a bar, folks), she is happy to make up a sample size for a dollar. I buy samples for my rental villas (No Big Ting and Coral Loft).  If my guests want to get more, her name, address and phone number are all on the wrapper.  She ships internationally, too.

NicolaNina also sells hand-made jewelry (including exquisite sea glass necklaces), fun art items and other authentic Cayman gifts – such a happy shop to go into and just have a visit (her bunny, Nicola, is a big draw for the kids, too).  Having lived in the Cayman Islands for over 20 years, she is also very knowledgeable about all of the best things Cayman and will give you all kinds of tips – where to eat, what to see, etc.

 Beach Bubbles is open every day from 10 to 5 but, let’s get real.  She is a one woman show and sometimes she needs to be out of the shop so do call first to make sure she’s in when you are going to be there.  It’s a long jaunt out only to find that she had to go into town to get some supplies. Her number is: (345) 926-5812. Check her out on FaceBook – the photos will have you salivating.

Update: Nina and Beach Bubbles were recently featured on the wonderful original programming – Made in Cayman series – see it here!